Sunday, 24 March 2013

Polish Navy Exhibition at the Sikorski Museum


On Thusday 21st March 2013 I spent some time in the Sikorski Museun examining SPK archives as part of my research into the evolution of the Polish emigre community in Great Britain. During a break I came upon an exhibition dedicated to the Polish Navy and since there has been discussion recently within the Kresy-Siberia group on this topic I thought members might be interested in some photographs I took with my mobile (they're not the best quality; better images can easily be produced on demand.)

The display includes symbols of the Polish Navy, models of Polish destroyers, a lifebelt imprinted with 'Pilsudski', a couple of ship's bells (as shown), a plaque with 'ŚLĄZAK' written upon it, plus other memorabilia.

The last photograph is not connected with the Polish Navy, it is the Polish flag that was hoisted above the ruins of Monte cassino on reaching the summit by members of the 2nd Corps. (It looks pretty threadbare in real life.)

The Main Display


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